Women's March on Washington

In partnership with the Women’s March on Washington, we created an open call for art to arm those gathered with visual messaging to amplify the voice of this monumental grassroots movement. Over the course of eight days, we received over 5,000 submissions from women identified and non binary individuals across the nation. Artwork was chosen on January 10, 2017 from an intersectional group of judges including Carmen Perez and Paola Mendoza from the Women’s March on Washington, Cleo Barnett from the Amplifier Foundation, independent artist Swoon, and Jess X. Snow and Favianna Rodriguez. Our original commitment was to print five graphics, we have now chosen eight graphics which are currently at our female owned and operated printers in Philadelphia.

The five selected posters are now available below free of charge as high resolution downloads, to be printed out by YOU!

A minimum of 30,000 posters and nine large-scale banners will be produced from this public call. Posters and banners will be made available free of charge to participants in the march in Washington, DC. Distribution points will be set up around the city with this free artwork, map of pick up points will follow over the coming week.

WOMEN’S MARCH ON WASHINGTON – Liza Donovan, “Hear Our Voice”

WOMEN’S MARCH ON WASHINGTON – Kate DeCiccio, “Embracing Eachother”

WOMEN’S MARCH ON WASHINGTON – Jennifer Maravillas, “Our Bodies, Our Minds”

WOMEN’S MARCH ON WASHINGTON – Victoria Garcia, “Respeta”

WOMEN’S MARCH ON WASHINGTON – Jessica Sabogal, “Women Are Perfect”